Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Press Releases,weak;Original Reporting, wicked Hardcore

As I was reading up on press releases and the definition. I realized how retarded they were. (pardon my political incorrectness) But seriously, basically the CEO of some big firm calls up or faxes the editor of a newspaper some big story about his company, and the newspaper hops right on it. (the story, not his..., well both actually) Here is a story from the Baltimore Sun that I feel was definitely influenced by a press release.

Stock is up! Oh my! Seriously this stuff may be interesting to the "hoity toity" folks in Ruxton, but this isn't news to us common folk. I came to the conclusion that this was influenced by a press release because of how stocks have been down so much lately, and I'm sure as soon Wells Fargo Incorporated's stock went up 13 percent they sent a fax right over. Just isn't something that a normal reporter would really go out looking to do a story on.

Original reporting is way more bad ass. Let's go out and find something to report about ourselves. It isn't a copout like writing a press release. I found a story on the Baltimore Sun about a girl being grazed by a bullet, not exactly a great story, but at least it showed initiative and original reporting.

People being shot, wicked hardcore; stock market, weak as shit

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jatwater said...

Hi Steve,
I agree that original reporting is the best part of being a journalist. There is nothing like breaking a story or being first with a report.
Good job posting pictures and links!