Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beer Tasting; Drink while you work

I realize that I'm a little late on posting this blog, but my 21st birthday was last Tuesday. And I wasn't exactly in prime condition to be coming to class on Wednesday, as I spent the majority of the night and early morning with the wrong kind of cheek on the toilet seat.

However, I did find an event that is taking place in Perry Hall this Friday night at Perry Hall Liquors. They will be having a beer tasting from 4-7 pm. The beer that will be tasted is Miller Chill and the Miller Brewers Collection: Amber, Wheat, and Blonde Ale. I also received information that the "Miller Girls" will be pouring the brewskis and that's a little extra incentive.

My main sources will probably not be the "Miller Girls," because let's be honest, they're not exactly sent there because of their knowledge of the beer, but I will be speaking to the owners/managers of the liquor store, as well as some employees and other customers.


What is it about this beer that makes it different?

Would you consider it better than Bud Light Lime? (Chill and Lime are very comparable)

How often do you hold these tastings?
What kind of other products do you hold tastings for?
Are there any upcoming tastings?

And then I would get some background information from them to throw in some anecdotes

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