Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baltimore Sun...Quite Newsworthy

----"A New Pratt" was the first article that I looked at and it is very newsworthy as Pratt Street will get over $100 million of work done it to add new restaurants and shops.

Unusualness - It's not every day that Baltimore City gets $100 million of new additions to it's streets.
Impact - New shops and restaurants, Pratt Street will be buzzing with hundreds more hungry shoppers a night. Everyone in Baltimore can appreciate good food.
Prominence - Mayor Sheila Dixon will be in Baltimore today to tell all about the finalized plans.
Conflict - Some citygoers may find it a bit harder to get around the area with all of the construction going on...everyone is happy about the new project, but nobody wants to wait for it.
Timeliness - It was just announced today, ladies and gentlemen.
Proximity - Taking place right in the heart of the Inner Harbor in beautiful Baltimore City, this story couldn't be more relevant to the town and people of Baltimore.
Currency - People are going to want to be updated on this renovation as it progresses, this story has started a chain of many stories for years to come in Baltimore.

----"Uniforms found with Drugs and scene of killing" was the second story that I decided to click on today. Apparently, heroin and cocaine was found in a house where a shooting took place, and Baltimore city police uniforms were found at the scene of the crime.

Unusualness - Why would there be police uniforms just chilling where there was a shooting and narcotics?
Impact - This could impact a whole lot of people. If the uniforms are believed to be fake, then the owners of the house are not only going down for drugs, but also for impersonating a police officer. At the same time, if those uniforms do belong to actual police officers that were involved with these criminals, that could mean big jail time for them as well. But more importantly, the community will be effected, because once again, the question arises: Can we trust our police?
Prominence - Not a whole lot of big names in this story except for the police spokesman, Troy Harris. But I don't think that prominence is necessary in a story like this.
Currency - This story is going to have updates on it just like "The New Pratt" story will. Because they still have no idea what's going on with these police uniforms. Whose are they? We will find out with many stories to come.
Conflict - Shooting, Drugs, Police Officers, nuff' said.
Proximity - Occured in the 2100 block of North Longwood St. Right in the Southwest District of Baltimore City.
Timeliness - The event occured last Thursday, but my guess it took a while to get all of the information from the police officers, still pretty recent.

----"Man shot 13 years ago dies; case ruled a homicide" was the last Baltimore Sun article that I decided to look into more deeply. Dominic Faw was shot on October 1, 1995 and died just this year because of the gunshot wound.

Impact - That's just pretty crazy, doesn't really have much of an impact except on the friends and family of the man, but not on the society as a whole as it occured 13 years ago.
Prominence - Like the last article, this doesn't really have a big name involved except for another police spokesman, Agent Donny Moses.
Unusualness - Usually when people are shot, they die within a couple of minutes, hours, days, weeks, and at most a month. Unusually this guy gets shot 13 years ago and he is just now dying. Nuts.
Currency - This story is done, happened 13 years ago, I don't think there will be anymore stories about Dominic Faw.
Conflict - A man was shot and killed, granted he was shot over 13 years ago and he is just now dying, it's still something people want to read about.
Timeliness - Not quite so recent, the man was admitted to a hospital back in MARCH and died that morning and now this story is just coming out, and I guess it's because they finally ruled it a homicide. But it's still not very recent at all.
Proximity - Homicides, shootings, all going down in Baltimore City, what else is new. But he was admitted to the University of Maryland Medical Center, so people have to be wondering.

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Anonymous said...

I like how you applied all the qualities of a news story and explained in detail how each is relevant to the story being newsworthy. It would be a little easier on the eyes if you threw some pictures in there to break up all them words as well. Take it easy, Cory.